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Seen on Scene: Historic Home Tour, Columbia Depot

By Mariah Timms

The Daily Herald December 6, 2015

David and Debra Hill, far right, discuss the restoration process in the Columbia Depot, Union Station during the Historic Home Tour on Saturday. The Hills, owners of the Depot, recently completed the restoration of the former transportation hub for the area. Last week’s tour was only the second time the building has been open to visitors since renovations began. The floor seen in the photo is original, and was laid down by hand, tile by tile. All furniture and art inside the building comes from the Hill private collection of antiques. David Hill said they chose to open the building to the home tour because they want to help raise funds for the Atheneum. All proceeds from the tour will go to restoring the Rectory. (Staff photo by Mariah Timms)

Christmas Tour Visitors.

Glenda Wages, left, of Columbia visits the top floor of the newly-restored Columbia Depot during Saturday’s Historic Home Tour with Jamie Hitchcock and MaryAnne Luther, both of Spring Hill. Wages’ great-grandmother would travel to this depot in the 1920s when she came home to visit family for the holidays with her sisters from an orphanage in Nashville; her uncle would drive the horse and buggy up from Hampshire to come pick up the girls. Wages said being able

Visitors, Donna Taylor and DJ Markham next to an antique lamp.

Donna Taylor, left, and DJ Markham, both of Columbia, admire an antique lamp on display inside the Columbia Depot, Union Station during the Historic Home Tour on Saturday. Markham, a regular attendee of the tour, said, “Of everything we’ve seen, this is the most amazing.” The restoration of the Depot was funded by owners David and Debra Hill and contains antique and novelty furniture and art from their private collection. (Staff photo by Mariah Timms)to reconnect with that depot history at the depot was worth the price of admission to the whole tour. (Staff photo by Mariah Timms)

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aBOUt exists to showcase the rich architecture and history in Columbia, Tennessee through highlighting properties owned by David and Debra Hill. Each property has gone through extensive preservation and restoration to become timeless landmarks of the community. Mr. and Mrs. Hill were presented with the Association of the Preservation of Tennessee Antiques (APTA) Virginia Alexander Volunteer of the Year Award in 2019 for their historic preservation efforts in Maury County.