About Skipwith-Harlan-HillĀ Home

This Beautiful home was built circa 1800 for Revolutionary war hero Nathaniel Greene’s daughter and her husband, Sir Peyton and Lady Cornelia Greene Skipwith. The house was built on 1,100 acres of the original 25,000 acre land grant.

In the late 1830’s Skipwith Hall was acquired by Major General Ben F. Harlan who built a successful horse and mule breeding plantation on the property. Harlan employed Maury County master builder Nathan Vaught to add six pillars and a sweeping veranda to the house. Making Skipwith Hall a distinctive monument to the Planter Age in Middle Tennessee.

aBOUt exists to showcase the rich architecture and history in Columbia, Tennessee through highlighting properties owned by David and Debra Hill. Each property has gone through extensive preservation and restoration to become timeless landmarks of the community. Mr. and Mrs. Hill were presented with the Association of the Preservation of Tennessee Antiques (APTA) Virginia Alexander Volunteer of the Year Award in 2019 for their historic preservation efforts in Maury County.